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Read if you’re hurting from a recent break up…

OK, I’ve got some really important things to go over with you if you’re going to get your ex back. Time is of the essence, so I’m going to be as quick as possible.

I could tell you some things about me. Like I used to make big mistakes in my relationships… Did some embarrassing things while trying to get one in particular back… I learned a lot, had some success and now teach other guys and girls how to get their EXes back…

…but really we don’t have time to go over my background in full yet. I’ll give you a chance later to give me your email and I’ll tell you more about me.

Guy tripping over his ex

For now, we gotta get focused on what some MAJOR F*@K UPs statistics say you’re most likely to make right now.

People who are in deep pain from a break up have a tendency to do the exact OPPOSITE of what you should do. So I’m acting fast to try and get you to stop before any damage is done.

In any disaster the first step is to stop the bleeding and then fix the problem.

Your relationship is no different. There may be some underlying problems with your relationship that must be fixed, but we can get to that next. Right now we need to STOP the bleeding, after that we’ll teach you how to get your ex back.

So here’s the plan. I’m going to give some blunt advice. Not because I’m mean, but because you need it now more than ever. There’s no time to waste.

The first thing you need to do is STOP acting in a way that your lover is biologically predisposed to NOT feel attraction for.

That means being weak, passive and overly-agreeable. For biological and evolutionary reasons we don’t need to get in to now, women seek strong men who can protect them. And men don’t respect women who let them get away with everything (which means you’ll be habitually cheated on).

I know, after a break up it’s hard to give off the appearance of being strong. But it’s absolutely vital. And it’s not as hard as you think if you’ll just agree not to make these 10 mistakes.

We’ll start with 10 mistakes to quickly stop the damage, and then we’ll move on to some homework and point you to the materials you’ll need.

OK, first the 10 mistakes. Then there’s some homework for you to do to lure your lover back.

People who get hurt are often the people who say they don’t want to play “games.” You know what? Too bad. The game is being played whether you know it’s your turn or not.

Men and women are constantly testing each other subconsciously to see if you’re a good choice for a long term mate. If you refuse to play along, you’re going to be left out.

You’ll find you can prove yourself worthy by avoiding these 10 mistakes.

How to get your ex back no-no: acting too nice.How many times do you have to hear the cliché “nice guys (or girls) finish last” before you finally get it?

You can’t simply go along with everything your partner says and expect to have a great relationship.

Think of it this way. Every good story has conflict, right? Star Wars had good guys and bad guys. And in a similar way so did Pretty Woman and all other romantic comedies.

Conflict makes things interesting. And a relationship without conflict is BORING.

Being too nice comes across as being too passive, insecure, anxious, and predictable. That’s BORING.

Want to find that “spark” with someone special? Then don’t forget that it takes friction to create a spark. Stand your ground.

How to get your ex-girlfriend back Mistake #2You cannot argue or logically persuade your way back into a relationship. Sure, you can argue yourself out of one just fine, but it doesn’t work in reverse.

You can’t convince a person to like you, love you or want to be with you. Emotions don’t work that way.

A person’s heart is reactive, not logical. So instead of trying to talk them back in to it, there are some things you need to DO to get their heart to respond.

In the homework I have for you we’ll talk more about ways to get your EXes heart fluttering for you again. But that comes in a minute. Moving on…

How to get your ex-boyfriend back Mistake #3I hope this doesn’t describe you…

So many people plead with their ex, “Please stay, I’ll do anything you want…”

NO! Don’t do it. That doesn’t make for a romantic relationship. It may turn you in to a sex buddy for a short time, but they will lose all respect for you.

That means as soon as something better comes along, you’re gone. Do NOT beg to be taken back.

Ex-boyfriend with bouquet of flowers in hand searching for his ex-girlfriend's approvalEver heard, “Can’t Buy Me Love?”

Maybe it’s time you gave it a listen again. Flowers and gifts are best used to say THANK YOU or I LIKE/LOVE YOU. But it does NOT build attraction.

In fact, it can be a repellent. It tells your ex you don’t believe you’re good enough to be taken back on your own merits… so you pad the package with presents to cover up flaws. That’s an attraction-killer! Don’t do it.

Ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend sitting across each other with a love sign in betweenIt’s so easy to fall into this fatal trap of telling your ex-lover how much they mean to you and how much you love them… mistakenly believing once they “get” how much you love them they’ll come running back.

WRONG! It doesn’t work like that, or even close.

Smothering your ex with affection right now is not romantic. And despite what you may think, “But I really, really like you,” is not what your ex wants to hear.

Your strong feelings may in fact be the very thing that pushed your ex away to begin with. (Because it can come across as needy.)

Couple looking confusedToo many people completely miss the point of attracting the opposite sex because they do things that would attract themselves or others like them… in other words, people of the same gender.

No, I’m not saying you’re gay or even that you’re acting gay.

I’m just saying men and women are attracted to different things. You can’t use the same tactics that would work on you to woo a person of the opposite sex.

For example men are mainly attracted to a woman’s appearance while women are attracted to personality.

That doesn’t mean men should stop working on their appearance or that women should stop trying to be good people. But it does mean you need to make an effort to work on the things that will attract your partner.

We’re going to work on this in your homework. But for now just realize you need to know what attracts your EX and work on that.

Then you can work on learning the subtle body language cues and emotional hot-buttons turn them on without them even knowing it. (This is advanced stuff that sounds like voodoo, but it works! And we’ll cover it in your homework.)

Ex boyfriend on the verge of crying sitting on the bedDo NOT act like your life is over if your ex splits.

This simply surrenders all power to your ex and makes you look like a pathetic wuss they can walk all over. That’s NOT attractive and it will only last until someone new comes along.

You absolutely MUST keep the respect of your ex if you want a chance at winning them back.

(If you fear you’ve already lost their respect, you can get it back. We’ll discuss that in your homework.)

Guy acting cool and rich while his ex-girlfriend is staring from behindOur culture makes it so easy for people to believe that looks and money are all people care about.

But you know what? People really aren’t that shallow. Especially after you’ve been involved in a close relationship with the person.

Looks and money are not the foundations of a lasting relationship. They’re window dressing, and window dressing always gets tired after a time.

Some people make the mistake of saying… “I’ll lose 15 pounds and then they’ll want me back.”

NO! You need to take action now. You’re doing that now by putting an end to the 10 most common mistakes, and then following up with your homework from then on.

A guy looking completely oblivious to what his ex-girlfriend is sayingThere’s usually a window when your ex is giving you a chance to make things right. But you NEED to read the cues to know when this window is, when it isn’t, and how to respond the way they’re hoping you will.

This part gets a little advanced, but you can learn from people who have studied human behavior, especially man/woman dynamics and romantic relationships.

When you get good at it you can begin to influence (or what some call “manipulate”) and gain control over any interaction with your ex by giving cues and signals of your own.

Guy sitting and thinking he can do it all by himselfAgain, most people start a painful break up by making mistake after mistake. It’s a hard time for anyone to know what to do… but there is a right and a wrong way to try and win your ex back.

It makes some people uncomfortable but if you take the time to learn some things about psychology and people’s basic needs and desires from a partner, you can regain control and pull your partner’s heart back in to yours.

But you’ve gotta make the effort, and that means getting help. You’ve taken the first step by reading these 10 mistakes. Now it’s time to get to the homework.

Stop All Those Mistakes Now And You’ll Stop The Damage…

It’s time to learn a few tricks and – sorry to say – some mischievous and clever manipulations to get your EXes heart and full attention back.

Your homework is listening to an audio a buddy of mine made about how to get your ex back. His name is Matt Huston and I’ve been doing business with him for years, so I know he’s a good guy.

He also happens to have a degree in psychology, is a master of relationships and spends his time as a “pick-up artist.” Some people are turned off by pick-up artists because they have a reputation for being slutty (because girls throw themselves at them).

But he’s not teaching you how to be promiscuous here – he’s teaching you how to get your ex back. So I highly recommend putting judgments aside and learning from an expert.

I’ll send you over to his audio lesson in just a moment. But first…

I’ve got a confession to make…

Even though I’m recognized as an expert on relationships and reversing break ups, I’m not invincible. Recently there was one guy I couldn’t seem to help at all.

His name’s Jeremiah and he was absolutely devastated after his girlfriend dumped him. Jeremiah saw it coming a mile a way but didn’t know how to fix it.

Not knowing what to say or do… he just froze and hoped it would all go away. But then it DID happen and he was forced to make a decision – give up or try to get her back.

He wanted to get her back but his best move so far was telling her he loved her. (Bad move as we covered in mistake #5.)

Jeremiah also humiliated himself by begging for her back to no avail. (That’s mistake #2.) And predictably it didn’t work, all she wanted was to be friends.

Everything changed when he ran in to this…

Those aren’t my words and those aren’t my dirty psychological tricks. Those are Matt Huston’s.

Matt Huston is a MASTER of human behavior and relationships. Literally! He has his masters degree in psychology.

And Matt was able to teach my friend Jeremiah all kinds of things about male-female dynamics that I wasn’t able to.

Jeremiah ordered Matt’s course and started cruising through the system.

It put a metaphorical mirror right in front of his face so he could see everything he was doing wrong. Turns out, as predicted, all of his instinctual moves were just pushing his EX away. (This is extremely common.)

But the real fun started when Jeremiah started putting Matt’s system to work. Instead of playing the role of a scorned lover, he started behaving like a person who deserved his EX’s love.

As Jeremiah tells it, it wasn’t long before his EX was calling to talk and not long after that they were back together.

And Matt helps couples like that reunite all the time. Seriously.

In fact, check this fact out about his Ex-Back website.

Yes, an astonishing 83.6% success rate.

I’m in the business, so I can vouch that’s extremely high. And since I’ve gotten to know Matt he’s told me where that number comes from. Here’s what he did…

Matt found 73 people who were looking on online forums to get back with their ex. They were of all different ages and several different countries (America, Canada, Australia, India, Russia, Poland and Germany and a few others).

Out of 73 test subjects 61 out of 73 people responded they had successfully gotten back with their ex. That’s an 83.6% success rate!

Matt is the real deal. 

So here’s your homework…

You need to jump over to Matt Huston’s website and listen to the audio that starts playing.

Why? That’s the very same audio that started Jeremiah on his path to getting his ex back.

And your homework is to check out his site and listen to the free audio he has for you that describes his system.

Matt’s system is a brutally honest “secrets revealed” blueprint to getting your ex back, even if some of it seems a bit unethical. And it plain WORKS.

Here’s just some of what Matt can teach you…

  • What to do and how to act if your ex is already dating someone.

  • The absolute key to getting your ex to EAGERLY contact you again, without any resistance!

  • A potent and EXTREMELY powerful 3 step seduction blueprint to get them lusting after you again.

  • 4 super powerful techniques you can use immediately to make your ex super jealous. They’ll be the one crawling back to you after trying these out!

Click the link below that fits you and you’ll be taken to Matt’s site. The audio will play right away. When it’s done you should definitely keep reading down the page though (because there’s a lot more advice).

If you listen carefully enough, you’ll hear his funny Canadian accent.

And when you’re done listening to the audio, I highly recommend reading the whole page. Because Matt has a bunch more info for you, a frequently asked questions section, success stories AND if you get Matt’s system then…

…Matt also has 3 free gifts for you.

Click your link above to listen to the free audio message, get Matt’s system and his 3 free gifts.

I’m 100% confident Matt’s system can help your situation. Look what it did for these people…

“A few days later we were going back out again!”

A few weeks after the breakup, I did a Google search for “how to get your ex-girlfriend back” and came upon your site. I was skeptical (admittedly), but finally decided to give your system a shot.

When I first read through the Ex2 System I realized that everything I was doing to get her back was only pushing her away. I began to follow your methods and quickly put it into action. It didn’t take her long to contact me and tell me she wanted to “talk”. A few days later we were going back out again!

-Jeremiah (J.Tustistson@xxxxxxxxx.com)

“…Made HIM Work To Get Me Back!”

Okay, so I immediately initiated xxxxxxxxxxx and left it like that for two weeks. During that two week period I followed your system, used the methods and techniques you talk about and eventually he initiated contact with me. He was pretty flirty right off the bat and so I knew I could have him back if I wanted.

I played with him for a few weeks and made him work to get me back. hehe :) Thanks for the very interesting book! I look forward to using the training techniques you talked about. Loved the read.

-Tamara C from (she didn’t say where)

“I’m Happy To Report She’s Back!”

I put in the effort and followed your system to the letter and im happy to report shes back! She came back and told me she made a mistake just like you predicted man. … You did a great job “deciphering” it and giving me a ton of practical things to do. I no longer felt lost.

-Mike (Mike.McSweeny@xxxxxxxxx.com)

I know we haven’t personally met, but if you were a good friend of mine who just lost his girl/boyfriend, Matt Huston is who I’d send you to.

It worked for my friend Jeremiah and I know it can work for you too. At a bare minimum, jump on over and listen to the free audio:

You may not order the full course as quickly as Jeremiah did, but you’ll learn a few things regardless.

You’ve got nothing to lose and a lover to gain – click one of the links above to check out Matt Huston’s system.

Listen to the audio and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

Josh Andrews

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