10 Signs That Your Woman May Be Cheating You

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The agony is killing you! Something’s not right with your relationship – you can feel it. You think with dread that your biggest fear may be coming true – that’s she’s cheating on you. Sleeping with another guy. But you don’t know for sure. You don’t want to just falsely accuse her, but you also don’t want to be played for a loser. What do you do?

Well, first you read through these 10 signs that your woman may be cheating on you:

She’s got a new attitude. Specifically, a more tolerant one. Suddenly she doesn’t seem as bothered by the little things you do that annoy her as she used to. She’s stopped criticizing you. In fact, she’s stopped really give you much attention at all, good or bad. She tolerates you.

…and her wardrobe! Has your woman been dressing differently lately? More sexily, maybe? If she looks longingly, coyly, or seductively into your eyes as you notice this, then she’s doing it for you, not some other guy. And you should probably jump her bones as soon as you’re able. If she couldn’t care less whether you’re noticing her improved appearance (or its presentation), then it probably isn’t for you that she’s doing it. Now she might just be doing it for herself, a particularly likely option if she’s just stepping out in some new way, shape, or form. If none of the above is true, however, then your woman may be cheating on you.

She’s suddenly looking hotter than ever. Or at least much hotter than she’s looked for a long time, as far as you’re concerned. Is she looking younger? Getting in shape? Has she been exercising, eating health, and generally improving her lifestyle habits overall? Quit smoking? This alone doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s fooling around with someone else. But in combination with some of these other signs, it only adds proof to the pudding and grease to the fire.

You can smell it: Sensing that she’s sleeping with another guy is one thing. But smelling him on her is a whole other. If she smells like aftershave or cologne or sweaty man funk that isn’t yours, then there’s a good chance you’ve got a problem. But hey, maybe she’s got a perfectly good explanation for it. It could happen.

No more sex: Has your sex life hit a brick wall? Is sex between you and your woman no more? Does she seem to be bothered at all by this? If you answered “Yes” – “Yes” – “No” then you may have a cheating woman on your hands. You also just may have a sexually unsatisfied but nonetheless loyal lover on your hands who’s just gotten over hoping it’ll ever change. In either case, a heart—to-heart is in order. Something can work its way out into the open when you’re both really trying to be open with each other.

She isn’t there. Literally and figuratively. For one, she’s spending more and more time out of the house. Shopping, to the gym, to get her hair done, to see her parents, to take the dog to the vet, to go running, to hang with the gal pals, to go dancing, to go see a chick flick you don’t want to see…need we go on? The more infrequently she’s at home compared with how she used to be, the more your suspicions of her cheating on you may be justified. But even if she’s not cheating, if she’s obviously trying to get away from you, further and further distancing herself from you, then whether there’s another man in her life or not, you’ve some serious work to do on mending some broken bonds in your relationship. The second part of her not being there is not being there even when she is there. Is her head in the clouds every time you look at her or try to talk to her (more than normal, we mean)? If so, you’ve got to ask yourself – where is her mind wandering to?

She acts like she’s hiding something. Has she suddenly started getting easily defensive? Acting paranoid? Does she suddenly snap at you when you ask her a simple question? What’s that about? What could she be hiding? Nothing, says she. Hmm. Then what’s with all the sudden defensiveness and paranoia. Hmmm?

The plural “you” have now become the singular “her” and “you”. In other words, she seems to be segmenting you out from the rest of her life, little by little, one piece at a time. Cutting you off from contact with her family, he work, her friends (or your mutual friends that were her friends first). If you’re starting to feel more and more like an island awash in a sea miles from her shore then that might be her deliberate doing. And the reason why might be she’s tired off you and/or she’s found someone she likes better.

She has abruptly stopped talking about a person she had been talking about a lot lately, mentioning often and repeatedly – until now – how much she liked/respected/admired/appreciated/fill-in-the-blanked (all platonically, of course) this person who also just happens to be of the male persuasion. Question #1 – Why had she been talking about him so much in the first place? Question #2 – What happened to make her suddenly stop mentioning him at all? Very suspicious.

You catch her red-handed: And you don’t have to actually catch her with her hand in the cookie jar (if you know what we mean) in order to do it. All you have to do is catch her in a bald-faced lie. That kind of gives it away. Especially if you confront her with it and watch her try and wriggle her way out of it.

Number 10 is the only one of these 10 signs your woman may be cheating on you that offers any definitive proof. Otherwise all you have are suspicions with cause. So don’t jump the gun. Not if you want to keep your relationship intact.

If one or more of these 10 signs of a cheating woman applies to you, then ask her about them, calmly and non-accusingly. And be open to the possibility that she just may be telling you the truth. Only she knows for sure. And only you can decide for yourself.

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