5 Mistakes You Must Stop Now To Have Any Chance At Getting Laid Tonight…"/>

5 Mistakes You Must Stop Now To Have Any Chance At Getting Laid Tonight…

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The 5 biggest mistakes you are making with women are probably not what you are going to expect. In fact, these mistakes are probably the very things you thought you were doing right with women.

That’s because at first, traditional dating advice seems pretty legit. For example, they say you need to be interesting. Women want a man with a sense of humor. Make fun of her to show you aren’t affected by her beauty. Touch her a lot. It just seems to makes sense.

But therein lies the problem. Nowadays, things like “be social and touch her” is average dating advice. In other words, this is the stuff every guy is doing.  I mean what guy isn’t out trying to be social, teasing women and touching them a lot. It’s become commonplace. You don’t stand out. You are boring her.

However, when we look at the stuff that really works – the under the radar tactics that get women sexual attracted to you in seconds – we find that they are the complete opposite of what we “think” we should be doing.

MISTAKE #1: Too Much Talking, Not Enough Listening

Like most guys, you’re probably looking for those special words that can instantly make any woman fall for you. Unfortunately, these so called “magical” pick up lines don’t actually exist.

The good news is, you don’t need words, stories and even witty banter to hold a woman’s attention. In fact, the quickest and easiest way to attract a woman is by remaining silent and baiting her to talk about her goals and passions.

Look, it’s no secret that every woman loves to talk about her favorite subject, herself. And the best part is, the person who is doing most of the talking is the one who is qualifying. In other words, she is now the one trying to impress you instead of the other way around. Plus, women will stick around much longer when they get a chance to talk.  And the longer she stays, the more time you have to seduce her.

MISTAKE #2  Being Social Instead of Seductive

Are you a fun, social guy who can make women laugh but never seem to become anything more than just the friend. Have you ever wondered why that is? It may sound strange, but the more you do the less chance you have of actually getting the girl.

Here is the biggest secret in the dating community — There is nothing special you need to do or say in order to attract women. That’s because there is a natural tension between men and women called sexual tension. This tension is always there just waiting for you to tap into it. And not surprisingly, the best way to create sexual tension is by being seductive, not social.

Look, of course women appreciate a funny, interesting guy that can make them laugh and entertain the crowd. The problem is after a while all of the talking, witty banter and joke telling reduces the sexual tension between you. That’s a problem because this natural tension is your best tool for creating attraction and getting the girl.

It may seem counterintuitive, but all of the dating advice you have received in your life up to this point, no matter how well-intended, has actually been preventing you from using this natural sexual tension to your advantage. To be blunt, you have been trying to attract women the hard way.

MISTAKE #3: Breaking Rapport

I’m sure you’ve heard all about how women don’t want a nice guy. As such, most men have tried acting like a cocky jerk in the hopes of attracting a beautiful woman. But you’ve probably also noticed that instead of making women like you, this technique usually backfires and becomes their excuse to reject you.  So what went wrong?

Yes it’s true, teasing women does create some tension. The problem is, you are creating that tension at the expense of rapport. Meaning, even if your teasing is playful, the frame of the interaction is that you guys are not getting along. Eventually, just by acting like you guys are on different teams, it becomes a reality.

The truth is you don’t have to tease or challenge women to create tension. For instance, holding seductive eye contact and moving close to her can create sexual tension but it won’t lead to verbal sparring. These under the radar tactics are powerful because you increase her sexual attraction but you maintain the comfort and connection you have been building. Sexual tension and good rapport are the keys to pulling off a fast seduction.

MISTAKE #4: Attraction First, Escalation Second

It seems to make sense. Attract a woman first and then later on make your move. Unfortunately, you don’t always get enough time to convey all of your best qualities.  Keep in mind, the average interaction at a social function or bar is only a few minutes. You need to show her right away what kind of amazing guy you are.

Look, there is always going to be debate over what is most attractive to women. Is it best to use social proof, act alpha or be a challenge. But I’m sure we can all agree that being BOLD about your intentions is always attractive.

Meaning, just by making your move, no matter what happens, you will be seen as more attractive. The reason escalation is so attractive is because it shows confidence. You are basically saying to her “I know you like me, so I am going to make a move on you”. Now that takes some big ones.  No matter her reaction she will at least respect you and view you as a sexual option.

Of course when I say escalation is attractive I’m not talking about groping women or harassing them with sexual innuendo. To find out the most effective way to make a move with no risk of rejection read on.

MISTAKE #5: Making One Big Move

Like a game of high-stakes poker most guys go “all in” when it comes time to find out of a woman likes them. They start out acting like a disinterested friend and then out of nowhere lung in for a kiss. Thus, it’s no surprise when your love interest turns her cheek making things extremely awkward. Unfortunately, most guys never recover from such a devastating blunder.

Thankfully, there is a much smoother way to escalate. Pay close attention, because I’m about to reveal how to never getting rejected again.

Instead of making one big move, you need to use a series of small moves.

Here’s how it’s done. Instead of asking for her phone number, (which she can reject verbally), just gaze at her seductively letting her know you are interested. Or instead of touching her, (which she can reject physically), simply move very close to her. If she likes you, she will return your eye contact and stay where she is. And if she doesn’t, she will avoid your gaze and take a few steps back.

Plus, by only revealing your interest in this way she will have nothing tangible to reject. You aren’t saying anything. And you aren’t doing anything either. You come in completely under the radar. By the time women realize what you are doing it is too late. They are already attracted to you.

Let’s be honest. The things you are doing now make women smile and giggle, but it’s not leading to sex.  However, by avoiding these 5 critical mistakes you will be able to create deep sexual attraction in the women you talk to. Plus you will know exactly when to make your move, with no chance of ever being rejected.

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