9 Qualities He’s Really Looking For In A Woman

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A good man can be hard to find, and when you do find him it can be tricky to read exactly what he’s
looking for in a partner. While some men may have specific ideals for a partner, it’s more than likely
that most are looking for the same traits as you.

Someone to share his interests with

If you like the same music or support the same sports team, it’s undeniably a massive bonus, but
finding someone with those exact qualities isn’t always realistic. For men, it is about finding a
woman with the whole package, even if it means compromising on a few minor details.

It’s important to share a few interests and to be willing to entertain his passion in those you can’t
directly involve yourself with. Being open-minded about their hobbies and passions can be enough
to satisfy men’s need to be understood.

Someone who makes him laugh

Aside from the many benefits laughter can have on your health, the ability to laugh and share a
sense of humour with your partner is fundamental to your relationship.

A woman with a sense of humour is a must-have for most men. Be it a witty, intelligent, sarcastic or
daft streak, being able to throw dignity to the wind and laugh until your cheeks hurt with a partner
will add an entirely new dimension to any relationship.

It is important to focus on the humorous aspects of your relationship, to ensure that it stays light-
hearted, fun and upbeat. Enjoy the funny moments with all your heart and reminisce on those
memories together when the opportunity presents itself. Laughing together will help you stay

Someone to talk to

The majority of men have their male friends. They’re there no matter what, for the break-ups,
banter and general good times. But, when it comes to expressing feelings or revealing hopes and
fears, most men bottle these thoughts up in the company of their mates.

Men want a woman they can confide in completely, rest assured in the knowledge his secrets will
go no further. Knowing that she really cares and has his best interests at heart will show that she’s
a kind, warm and compassionate woman. Be it just to listen, advise or reassure, every man needs a
loving woman to turn to in times of trouble.

Someone who takes care of herself

Most relationships reach a stage where it is perfectly acceptable and healthy to be completely
yourselves around each other. But until you’ve reached that stage, it’s good to show that you want
to look your best for him.

In any relationship, physical attraction is arguably almost as important as chemistry, so it’s
imperative that you make some effort from the outset. Besides, if you take good care of your health
and appearance, you’re probably more likely to take good care of him, too.

?Someone who respects herself

A real lady knows how to dress, behave and interact with people from all walks of life. A man needs
to know that he can take you home to meet his parents, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be polite
and behave appropriately.

Respect is inextricably bound with confidence, and it is a well-known fact that women who exude
confidence in both their attitude and appearance are more appealing to men. A confident woman is

intriguing to men and, while almost everyone will have insecurities at times, knowing that he will not
have to constantly reassure his woman of her looks is a relief to most men.

Someone who has a life of her own

A woman with hobbies, interests and a social life of her own is far more appealing to a man than
a woman who is keen to latch onto his every move. Independence is strong and attractive and a
woman who has autonomously built and maintained her own successful life is a highly sought-after
one indeed.

The majority of men will be looking for a loving relationship but, like anyone, your man will need
time to focus on his own aspirations, friends and life in general to fulfil his sense of personal
happiness. Knowing that you, too, have interests is not only intriguing, but it also implies that you
won’t be relying on him to entertain and keep you company 24/7.

Someone who trusts him

Trust needs to be built over time; one small action or mistake can destroy all trust in a split second.
Whether he has female friends or enjoys going out with his mates now and again, he needs to know
that you trust him on his own.

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. It is the element that lasting and loving relationships are
built on. A lack of trust can be exhausting; the absence of trust in a relationship leaves a gaping hole
for accusations, complications and inevitable heartache.

Someone who is faithful

Infidelity can destroy trust. A relationship is based on people trusting each other, so betraying one
another can have devastating effects on you both.

A man looks for a woman he can trust and depend on. If she has confessed to cheating on her past
partners, this may imply that she is not serious partner material. Like anyone, a man wants a woman
who is loves, adores and is wholly committed to him.

Someone who puts in effort

Even the most blissful of relationships need a bit of maintenance now and again. A romantic
relationship is a two-way street, and there needs to be a balance of effort from the off.

Some men will enjoy surprising you with lavish gifts, and whisking you off your feet for a romantic
getaway, but it can’t be all take and no give. Men need to know their lady cares, not just for them,
but for their relationship. Whether it’s sending a sweet text or cooking his favourite meal, a little bit
of effort goes a long way in keeping the spark alive.


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