9 Ways to Scare a Man Off and Make Him Never Come Back

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Why Men Dump WomenIf you want to get rid of that man you’ve been lugging around like an lead potato then these 9 tips are your ticket to freedom.

If, however, you want to keep that precious man on your arm then these 9 behaviors bound to scare off any halfway typical man are the very 9 behaviors you had best avoid.

  1. Never stop talking: One of the things that endears couples to one another is the ability to sit for long spells in total silence together and feel completely connected, completely content. This is a very attractive promise to most men, who aren’t much for random small talk in the first place. So a woman who simply cannot stop talking comes across to these men like she’s afraid of the silence, which is a total turn-off. And before long, just the sound of her voice starts to grate on a man’s nerves in a way that, on a primal level, makes him want to get as far away from its source as he can.
  2. Flirt with everyone: Men love a good flirt, there’s no denying that. A flirtatious woman, whether naturally or practiced, sets a man’s every hair on end with excitement and turns him into a giddy little schoolboy. But when that same woman starts flirting with every Joe (and Jane) in town – from her coworkers (and his) to waiters and cashiers to neighbors and friends to the other folks sitting in traffic – then that same man is left feeling like he’s dealing with a filly he just can’t wrangle. Overly flirtatious women rapidly turn from a spicy dish into an open flame too hot to handle in almost no time.
  3. Go everywhere with him. Everybody needs space, not just men. Space gives people what they need to refresh and rejuvenate, to take care of their life outside of their relationship life, and to reflect on where they came from, where they are, and where they’re going. They can’t do this with you always hanging around.
  4. Be crazy about commitment. A guy doesn’t have to be afraid of commitment to be terrified by a girl who can’t think (or speak) of anything else. Guys like to let things happen at their natural pace, whatever that may be. And whatever it may be, it is not talking about weddings and children on the third date. Ease off the commitment talk (and that includes using body language!), and you’ll be a lot more likely to wind up with the relationship you seek.
  5. Always be “on”. Are you the life of the party, even when the party’s over. Or worse, even when there’s no party going on? A person who’s always on stage can grow tiresome fast. And the person whose whole life is one big party is surely hiding some deep problems below the surface. And any guy can see it and see it for what it is, once the initial buzz wears off.
  6. Bring the kids out too fast. If you’re a single mom, sure you want to know that the man you’re dating at least likes kids, hopefully loves them, and is well aware that a relationship with you will eventually have to include a relationship with your children. That only makes sense. It doesn’t, however, mean that the right man is not going to react strangely to having to form that relationship with your children before and he have even formed one. One thing at a time, please. Once full disclosure is made, move on with developing a one-on-one relationship with a man before bringing your kids into the picture. If you told him what he’s getting into, then trust that he knows what he’s doing. Your relationship with a man, any man, is fundamentally about you and he anyway. Give it a fair chance. Table the family picnic for a little while. Do, and he’ll probably surprise you some day by being the one to suggest it first.
  7. Act like a guy. Let’s clarify something here off the bat. Many women naturally possess masculine qualities. One could argue all women do, to some degree. It is not these organic expressions of your masculine side that we are advising you suppress. It is those actions you take and behaviors you make knowingly in order to appear more “butch”. Belching, farting, spitting, scratching your groin, pulling underwear out of the crack of your rear – all of these are only cute to a guy if they happen by accident, surprising you both. If you do any of these things on purpose, though, it’s going to gross that same guy out so bad it’ll quickly change how he thinks of you, from potential mate to weird kid sister.
  8. Break out the ex Great ex, horrible ex – it doesn’t matter. Your ex is the very last thing most men want to talk about. Or even hear about. Men don’t like to be compared to other men. Especially men that you’ve dated. Here’s how bringing up your ex for any reason is a lose-lose situation for you, no matter how you look at it; if you talk him up, it’ll make the man you’re with feel put down: if you talk smack about him, it’ll show the man you’re with the kind of smack-talking person he’s with. Either way – you lose. So don’t chance it. Keep the past in the past. Especially when the past has a penis.
  9. Say “I love you”. For God’s sake – let him say it first. Because if, through some horrible twist of fate, you read the signs wrong and prematurely say it first, he may be gone before you ever get to hear it from him.

Keep these 9 dangerous temptations at bay, and you’ve cleared the path from your way to his heart better than 99% of the women out there.

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