Attracting Men – How To Get A Guy To Approach You

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Let’s imagine for a second that you’re in a bar; you’ve just spotted a good-looking guy that you want to talk too. How do you get him over?

The first step to attracting men, as I’m sure you will have guessed is eye contact.

1) “The look” – how to do it right.

What you ideally want to do is one quick look in his direction, but then another where you hold his eye contact for just one second longer so that he registers your interest.

2) Lose the bitch face!

Many women fall into the ice-queen trap, where their default facial expression gives off the impression of “If you come up to me, I’ll rip your face off”. Similarly most guys lean against the bar trying to look stony faced like James Bond, thinking if they just look cool enough then a woman will go weak at the knees.

If you want guys to feel relaxed and OK with approaching you, it’s so important to smile and look approachable. You can still be sexy and look like you’re having a good time. Women laughing and smiling is a massive aphrodisiac; that’s why men instinctively want to make women laugh, because it turns us on.

3) Get proximity

One simple way to encourage him to approach you is to position your group close to his. It’s particularly handy if you can position yourself side by side at the bar with him. That way, all he has to do is turn his head to start a conversation, and he knows that if all doesn’t go to plan he can just turn back and carry on chatting to his friends.

4) The last resort: making the move yourself

I know that this article is titled “how to get a guy to approach you” but I still want to give you a few things to fall back on if you’re feeling adventurous enough to initiate a conversation with a guy yourself.

A lot of people put so much emphasis on how you open conversation, when really it’s not a big deal at all, and it’s a lot simpler to do that you would imagine. There are generally two kinds of conversation starters: compliments and questions.

- Compliments

The first is a more direct kind, where you might be a bit more forthcoming. Some women are worried that a compliment will make them appear too easy. But as long as you don’t make it really easy for him by agreeing with everything he says and never challenging him in any way, then a compliment will never devalue you in a guy’s eyes.

For the second type of conversation starter I am going to give you an amazing line to start conversation anywhere. Prepare yourselves because this one if golden: “Hey, can you help me?”

- Asking a favour

If you EVER start a conversation with a guy by saying “I need your help…” the first thing he will do is think, “Anything!” It’s instinctive, because men love to feel manly, and you needing his help will make him feel like more of a man.

You can ask of his help for anything; make it silly, fun, serious or even just asking for directions.

Let me know how you get on newly equipped with these tips for attracting men. I’d love to hear any feedback or questions from the article.

To your love life,

Matt x

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