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The first date with a guy is actually set up the first time you meet him.

What I mean by this is that in your initial conversation with a guy, you want to be creating all kinds of different opportunities that makes it easier to suggest a date later on. For example, you drop a hint: “I haven’t been to the zoo in ages. I really want to go!” This makes it easy for him or you to bring it up later, instead of it sounding strange and out of the blue.

Role Play

Alternatively you can always create a role-play that makes it really easy for you to suggest the next meet up: “Hey bodyguard, I’m going to need your services this Saturday for that gallery. They’ll be paparazzi all over the place!” (By the way, you don’t only have to use this bodyguard example; you can use different role-plays that suit your character more.)

Alternatively, if in the first conversations you both talked about something you were passionate about like seeing a new exhibition at a gallery, you can just text: “Hey, I checked out that exhibition we were talking about. I was thinking about catching it this weekend before it leaves. It’d be great if you can come… x”.

You don’t have to be all 1950s about this. On a first date there is certainly no need to dive into having a three-course meal at a restaurant.

Be Casual About It

Arranging a date can mean meeting a guy for a 45-minute coffee before you go to the gym. If it’s a man you only met recently and you just want a chance to know him a bit better, arrange a quick date on your terms “I’m getting together with some friends at seven, but I’ll be there earlier if you fancy having a drink before they arrive”.

Or you can text: “I’m gonna be at (some bar) tonight with some friends. You should come by and have a drink! x”

So now you win both ways, because you haven’t quite asked for a date. What you’ve done is said where you’re going to be, and offered him the chance to take you up on the offer. Of course, if you arrange a date on the day like this, be prepared for the fact that he’ll probably already have plans. But that’s the great thing about this method. Because if he likes you then he’ll immediately try to re-schedule and ask if you’re free next week instead; so, even better, you end up with him asking you out on a date anyway!

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