How To Flirt With A Man You’ve Just Met

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How do you flirt with a man and really get him fascinated in you? Forget about your looks, forget about the best ways to meet men, forget about all the dating advice you’ve ever heard before, because if you can’t flirt effectively and you’re not having fun with the guys that you’re attracted to, then you are seriously reducing your chances of attracting the right kind of guy.

It’s common for women who are becoming more outgoing and speaking to more men, to switch into interrogator mode when trying to chat up a guy; asking question after question as nothing else to say comes

Flirting Properly

1. Be willing to break rapport

Studies have proved that the occasional disagreement is far more attractive than speaking with someone who you agree with 100% of the time.

This is part of being a challenging woman – you don’t just agree for the sake of it or accept everything he says. Be willing to call him out on behaviour/or opinions you don’t agree with and this really will create more attraction. (just don’t overdo it!)

2. Tell him something you can’t resist in a man/find sexy

If you want to build sexual tension with a man, the fastest way is to tell him, “I can’t resist men who wears (that aftershave/that jacket/those shoes)”

The same goes for complimenting him; it’s better to pick out something that makes him sexy than just to tell him he’s sexy. E.g. “You have great teeth. I find it sexy when guys have a great smile”. Or “Nice jacket! Leather is always really sexy on guys” – See, now the compliment is less direct because you are making it about what you like on guys, rather than him specifically.

3. Playful touches

Introduce those little touches to spike his attraction. But remember; always think playful, rather than seductive. For example, a little touch on the back of the arm to point out something to him, or lightly touching his forearm if you make a serious point.

Guys absolutely love this, and once you start to do it more and more often it will naturally become a habit, and you will find yourself generally being a more touchy-feely person.

4. Get the basics down

These are those rules that seem so simple and commonly said that people glaze over them. When in reality no one ever gets them right and it really is the small, simple things that get the best results.

Look like you are having fun with your friends! Smile! Don’t come across as though your sole intention is to pick up guys. You should be out to have fun, and as a result of your energy, you will naturally get guys attention. And finally, the ace in the deck: keeping good eye contact with a guy.

So there you have it, how to flirt with a man you’ve just met in 4 easy steps.

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To your love life,

Matt x

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