Please Your Man in Bed Each and Every Time With These Fool-Proof Sex Tips

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Feel like your man’s going a little cold on you? Or maybe you just want to surprise him by adding even more spice to your already great sex life? Either way, the following sex tips for women will have your man eating out of the palm of your hand and begging for more.

  • Dress for the occasion: Enough can’t be said about the allure of a woman scantily clad in sexy lingerie. And don’t think just because you’re not a poster model that he wouldn’t be jumping out of his skin if he saw you walk out in a skimpy Victoria’s Secret number. Men may complain about all the money they’re earning that their girlfriends and wives are spending. But lingerie is one expense he’ll be glad to work into the budget.

  • Start with a massage. It’s not just for horny high schoolers anymore. No, seriously. You and he may both know where it’s going from the beginning, but that doesn’t make a sensual massage any less sensual, any less erotic, and any less tantalizing. As you soothe his aches and pains and further and further relax his body, he’ll just be getting hotter and hotter anticipating what’s coming next.
  • Non-genital stimulation: Men are fixated on their penises. There’s no new information there. But you don’t have to be so single-minded too. You can bring him to levels of elation he may not even realize is possible just by kissing, touching, caressing, stroking, etc. those parts of his body other than his groin that, whether he knows it or not, are his erogenous zones. Each man (each person, for that matter) has them, and while the “usual suspects” – ears, scalp, underarms, feet, neck, chest, back, arms – are all the same, which of these are his particular zones of erogenous-ness is left for you to figure out. Experiment. Watch his responses. Inquire, even. Learn what gets him hot without getting him off right away. How fun for both of you!
  • Good old fashioned hand-job: You’ve got to remember, guys grew up with masturbation as their predominant hobby since puberty (or before!). And pretty much all of them have spent hours on end while engaged in this favorite activity fantasizing of it being someone else’s hand on their pensises instead of theirs. You can make that fantasy come true! The hand can provide a tighter grip with more pressure than most vaginas (and anuses too), along with a greater variety of angles, movements, and positions. And when a guy gets to experience this blessed sensation without having to use his own hands, it drives him literally out of his mind with rapture.
  • More oral sex, please: It’s a major sticking point in men’s inner and outer relationship dialogue – whether a girl gives blow jobs and how often. Many women are squeamish about sticking their mouths around a guy’s member, some to the point of being turned off completely just by the thought of it. But the thing is – guys crave it! They covet it. Sometimes it’s all they can think about. And all you really have to do to get past any icky feeling you may have about it is to ask him to get in the shower and clean off that area really well first. If you tell him why you’re having him do this, he’ll be soaping up faster than you can get down on your knees. Never underestimate the power of fellatio to make a guy go ga-ga over you.
  • Doggy-style: Ordinarily this connotes images of anal sex (and possibly grimaces of discomfort you may or may not have associated with it). But the rear-entry sexual position is just as effective for vaginal intercourse as for anal. It’s the position of choice for 99% of the animal kingdom, which means our biosystems are innately keyed into that pose as being a naturally desirable form of pleasure – for both of you. For him, he gets the deepest penetration possible (not to mention the thrill of the new and “forbidden” angle) while you get much greater odds of his penis actually hitting your G-spot. So you don’t get to see each other’s faces; he’s got his eyes closed half the time anyway, right?
  • Role-reversal: No, we’re not saying you should try and penetrate him, for a change (though that could be fun too). This tip relates to romance, often thought to be strictly something men do and women appreciate. But you’d be surprised how many men would love to have the tables turned on them and receive a little romance from their ladies instead of always giving it to them. Has he ever half-kiddingly complained, all doggy-eyed, that you never bring him flowers. Well, he was only half-kidding. How come he’s always the one buttering you up? Don’t you think he’d be just as surprised and touched to receive a romantic surprise from you as you are when you receive one from him? Try being the one to set the mood for your lovemaking instead of him. You set the candles, the music, etc. Let him have nothing to do other than show up and perform. You may both be pleasantly surprised at how well he does at it when you do.
  • Play games: Not head games, mind you. We were thinking something more along the lines of strip poker, Truth or Dare, I Never, or – heaven’s to betsy – maybe a drinking game!?
  • Use props: Ice can bring some steam to your sizzle. Sheepskin, satin, and silk feel even softer and smoother rubbing against his hardness. Massage his back with a rolling pin. Let him tickle your feet (and 2,000 other parts) with a feather duster.

Let all of these ideas be just the starting point for you and your boyfriend or husband. Try them all, for sure. But also let them trigger your creativity to come up with new and exciting ways of your own to bring imagination and passion back into your bedroom. Trust us – your man will thank you for it.

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Ray Dawn April 17, 2010 at 8:42 pm

i have a question. So i dated a boy for about 18 months. My friend dated him for a month before we dated, then cheated on him and broke up with him. Well the whole time we were dating she had this obsessive need to be with him. The whole year and a half she claimed to still “love” him. Well things started getting rocky with us, because just a lot was going wrong. I was daignosed with a pretty severe case of depression, and not even a day after we split, they were together. Not dating, but hanging out and kissing . A week later they began dating. It killed me, and still does to this very day. So i began ignoring him completely. Then about two months later, he messaged me telling me he made a mistake, etc. Basically he wanted to be with me again. He was telling me he loved me and told me he was going to break up with her. Well we hung out one day, and he was supposed to break up with her that night. I got a text message later that night just saying he made a mistake with doing this with me, and that she had his heart, and such. I didnt understand, and him coming back into my life, then leaving again, killed me. Now its 10x harder to get over him. I dont know what to do. He still is “friendly” with me, as in every so often he cheats on her by kissing me and what not. He says when he’s around me “he cant help it”. Is this worth holding onto? Should i wait around for him again? i dont know what to do. I just want to be happy and okay.

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